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Amy Jo Martin's "Why Not Now?" Podcast

I am so grateful that I am featured on Amy Jo Martin's Podcast called "Why Not Now?"! Just naming a few, she has interviewed Tony Robbins, Lewis Howes, Adam Grant, Amy Purdy, Sophia Amorusa, JP Sears, Mark Cuban, & so many more! Listen to below to find out what Amy and I talk about, and how I embraced one of many 'Why Not Now' moments in my life!!!  

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Leader 193 - Errol Doebler - Leadership & Technology Podcast

Errol is force to be reckoned with, he is a former Navy Seal Platoon Commander, FBI Special Agent, and SWAT Operator.  Zac is the founder of Salt IO and he is a force in technology! and To say I was honored to be on this podcast with errol & Zac would be an understatement. I cannot wait for you guys to hear our conversation mixed with how technology in multiple markets creates supply & demand, as well as diving deep into mind over matter, neuro-linguistics, cold plunging, meditation, and of course my Tiny Home and passion for living a minimalist lifestyle! So grateful for Errol!

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Danni Pomplun - "Yogi Misfit Sessions" Podcast

I am so honored to be on Danni's show, he is such a wonderful soul and I was so grateful to have connected with him. Danni and I dive into Yoga, stepping into your BOLD Weirdness, and embracing your inner Yogi Misfit! Listen to our episode and others by clicking the link below! 

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“Welcome to the Yogi Misfit Sessions. My guest this week is Jessica Sears (and there I go again mispronouncing another last name–anyone keeping score?!), a badass life coach and yogini who also utilizes three life coaches herself! She recently launched her own holistic life coaching business, hosts her own retreats, and helps to empower other women. Enjoy and listen. Special thanks to our friends over at SF Yoga Magazine.”
— Danni Pomplun

Interview - Jessica Sears & Jenna Webb

Flipping things around, I became the interviewer speaking with this amazing Boss Babe! I recently interviewed Jenna Webb who is an amazing Artist and Creative soul! Her slogan is "Art for your BRIGHT BOLD BEAUTIFUL soul." So of course I fell in love with her mission, art, passion, and bold life!



I discovered mine as an adult. My whole life and career was dedicated elsewhere but pain, self-discovery, bold moves and intuition helped me follow my dreams.


Dealing with drastic lifestyle change, becoming your own boss and how it's not always cool to work in your pajamas. 


The center of why I am doing what I love now and want to connect to others on their journey.  Learn more in My Journal ....Especially if your curious what the Costa Rica talk is all about! 


How art is a meditative escape from my chronic pain. 

Principle Broadcasting Radio Show

This is a fun Interview with CEO & Founder of BOLD as she was featured on Principle Broadcasting! Click link below and then please scroll all the way down until you see the episode with "Jessica Sears", CEO and Coach! 

BeBold Movement -  Leadership & MasterMind Group

The Be Bold Movement is a social network you can join via Facebook (Link Below) and The Be Bold Mastermind Group is a monthly subscription-based zoom call - every First Friday! It is a platform for anyone raising their standards to live their best life whether you are an entrepreneur, business owner, parent, student, or just want a network support system. My Co-host and I host these monthly video calls, which include interviews, leadership topics, wellness tips, and more! Click link below to sign up

Thank You

My gratitude is so immense that I am not sure I can even express the lifetime of thanks that the people who have touched my life deserve. There are no words to describe the support system that I have in my family and extended family. I am so blessed to have an amazing dad, mom, and sister. I am grateful for my friends who have guided me along the way. I am grateful for The Select Group, my company is a family that has given me a chance to flourish and grow. I would not be where I am today without the important people in my life who have touched my soul and shaped my person. Thank you all for your belief in my ever-crazy adventures and massive Bold actions.