6 Most Dangerous Mistakes People Make When Choosing a Leadership Consultant, Performance Coach, Executive Coach...

Choosing a Coach can be the most important decision you make and can mean the difference between success and failure in YOUR LIFE! It's important you choose the right fit. 

Why Choose Jessica as your Coach?

Most Dangerous Mistakes People Make When Choosing a Coach

1.) Lack of Authenticity & Transparency with pushy salespeople that make you feel like you are less than you really are

2.) Over-Charging for Services without Results 

3.) Lack of Competence & Integrity

4.) No Follow-Through 

5.) Lacking a Strong Commitment to the Customer

6.) No Custom/Personalized Services; send you a newsletter every week but there is no personal relationship or attention to customer experience



1.) No Risk Guaranteed Customer Success & Confidentiality 

2.) Practices Holistic, Ethical, Authentic, & Transparent Coaching / Training 

3.) Unquestionable Integrity, Competence, and Benevolence

4.) Personalized Services to fit your specific needs (leadership consulting, holistic health/nutrition, fitness, wellness, career, relationships etc...)

5. ) Privately Held - Answer directly to the customer, you are the Top Priority

6.) Hands-On Massive Action & Accountability - not some online newsletter