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Change Your Limiting Beliefs

Jessica Sears of BOLD inspiring a peak performance lifestyle while discussing the benefits of changing limiting belief systems.

Are you placing yourself in a certain 'box' and limiting your career potential?

Jessica Sears of BOLD LLC explains how society and how people can place limiting mindsets around their career potential by placing themselves in certain 'boxes'. She explains that we are so much more than just a 'title' and sometimes these 'boxes' we put ourselves into start to become invisible walls that can truly limit our ability to go beyond our comfort zones. It's all about your happiness and how you can breakthrough in your career and your professional limiting mindsets to create growth, happiness, and harmony in all areas of your life.

Emotional Fitness & Getting Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

If you want to make a change in one or more areas of your life, you have to master your emotional fitness & start getting comfortable with the uncomfortable. Subscribe for more fun content on how you can create a BOLD mindset and create massive breakthrough's in your life!