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Past Retreats of 2017 & 2018


Wellness & Yoga Retreat

Sonoma county, Wine Country - July 19th-22nd


Rejuvenating Yoga Retreat

Come prosper with Bold LLC in July for a relaxing and rejuvenating retreat in Sonoma County where you can enjoy yoga, Sonoma wine, Reiki, essential oils, yoga trance dance, life coaching, fire-heated and unheated yurt yoga, martial arts / intro to a self-defense class, and more. Bold LLC also provides all-inclusive whole foods organic vegan / vegetarian plant-based meals (vegan options are always available, one of your hosts is vegan) for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with snacks throughout the day provided by the chef Olivia who will be with you the entire retreat! You will also have the option of spending one evening at a local winery for some delicious Sonoma tastings. All services / classes are always optional, this is your retreat!


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  • Daily yoga classes
  • Spoken meditation / Nidra
  • Power yoga and Vinyasa yoga class
  • 1 myofascial release and essential oils class
  • Martial arts / intro to self-defense class
  • Night-time yoga trance dance
  • 3 nights' accommodation
  • 3 daily Plant-Based healthy meals
  • Meadowcroft Winery tasting in Sonoma  
  • Outdoor Morning Winery Yoga at Meadocroft Winery


Relax, rejuvenate, and reset as you prosper in your mind, body, and soul during your uplifting yoga and wellness retreat. You will arrive at a private gated retreat home in Penngrove, California. The space house is collaborative and has four main shared bedrooms (two downstairs and two upstairs) as well as one private bedroom downstairs. There are full private bathrooms in the downstairs rooms and a shared full bathroom in the downstairs common space. The upstairs rooms use the downstairs bathrooms. The front-deck is private and the back yurt space is private. There is parking inside the gated home available for all attendees.

The rooms and accommodations are spacious and friendly. There is a private queen room downstairs if you prefer privacy or there are shared room accommodations all with their own private full bathrooms. Enjoy sunlight and stargazing sky lights if you choose the top floor shared accommodations which have access to a full bathroom right at the bottom of the stairs. There is a bath designated for detoxing where you can enjoy a lavender Epsom salt bath with essential oils provided for your enjoyment. The most beautiful backyard yurt will brighten your soul as you enjoy your yogic and meditative practices in this unique space.

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The property also has a large common living space with couches, a private outdoor meditation circle, an outside heated yurt, a large wrap-around deck with nooks for reading, journaling, and extra yoga practice, and an outdoor Jacuzzi / hot tub.


Private room with one Queen bed for two friends, or couple, bathroom is in hallway nearby.


This room has three twins beds in shared room, bathroom and shower are off of room.


The room features three twin beds and one queen bed in shared room, bathroom and shower are off of room.


This room has four twin beds in a shared room and the bathroom is downstairs.


Bedroom four leads into bedroom five, which has three twin beds, one queen bed, and a bathroom downstairs.


Two tent platforms are available; both with Canvas tents provided and two twin beds in each, complete with cute side table, lamp, and most importantly electricity (phone charging will not be an issue) An outdoor shower and outdoor compost toilet available for the avid camper, inside shared bathroom is always available.

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Sponsoring Partners: Revive Kombucha, Project juice, Seven seas coffee, & Meadowcroft winery

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Can't come for the entire weekend??? Don't worry, we've got you covered.... See below for details on coming to our YOGA, WINE, VEGAN LUNCH Saturday July 21st 8:30am at Meadowcroft Winery in Sonoma, CA...

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Daily yoga classes - power and vinyasa flow

Unheated and fire-heated yurt yoga

1 Myofascial Release class

Essential Oils Class

Nightly meditation / Nidra

Night Yoga Trance Dance

Martial Arts / Intro to Self Defense class

3 daily organic plant-based vegetarian/vegan organic meals

3 nights' accommodation

Essential oils salt bath

Jacuzzi / hot tub


Additional Add-On Services:

Private 30-minute customized life coaching session

Private 30-minute Reiki session

HPX 2017

High Performance Experience Weekend Summit

Sept 22-24th - Raleigh, NC

High Performance Experience Summit was a private corporate coaching event where I had the opportunity to Coach, give a 1 hour speech on "How to Unleash your Bold Weirdness", and participate in the many wonderful wellness activities of the weekend including professional Wim Hof Training! If you are looking for corporate coaching for your sales team, please contact me for more information!

Sneak peak of my Ted Talk below & video posted on social media

Prosper Wellness Retreat - San Diego, CA

Sept 1-4 2017 Labor Day Weekend

YOGA Wellness Retreat of 2017

BOLD LLC Founder & CEO, Jessica Sears, is partnering with LedByLove Owner, Lauren Robinson who recently hosted a Lavender Love Retreat, to create an unforgettable and life-changing experience. 

                    Included in Price: 4 Day & 3 Night Accommodations/Lodging, Organic Plant-Based Meals, Yoga (Prana Vinyasa Flow), Reiki Therapy, Customized Life Coaching Sessions, Myofascial Therapy, Life Breakthrough Ted Talk, Essential Oils Class, nightly Meditations, Trance Dance, Working Telescope for Star Gazing, and some really exceptional surprise gifts from our below contributors, sponsors, and partners - featuring CorePower Yoga, OH! Juice in San Diego, Athleta, Boochcraft Kombucha in San Diego, Maya's Vegan Cookies in San Diego, , Koi Wellness Center in San Diego, StraightUp Coconut Water, Trilogy Sanctuary in San Diego, Model's Secret Organic Skin Care, Doterra, GoMacro Bars, and Pilgrimage of the Heart Yoga in San Diego!

Current Partners, Sponsors, & Contributors

Retreat & Seminar Service Offerings:

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